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How does EverBright help solar companies with customer relationships?

EverBright is your go-to if you want a complete solution that helps you to manage your customer relationships. As experienced as you may be at solar software or setting up home solar and battery storage projects, sales management is essential if you want to close the deal. 

Our intuitive address lookup tool allows you to gain critical project design insights such as weather, incentives, energy usage, and utility data. 

You also can take advantage of limitless proposals, contracts, and users, as well as a streamlined view of your sales pipelines. 

Be recognized for being a top solar professional by automating customer follow-up times and dates, tracking the status of contracts for signature, and keeping lead notes up to date.

Accurate solar design is essential for a growing business, but you need the correct utility data and energy modeling before you start designing the solar project. 

EverBright takes the guesswork out of electricity rate forecasting and usage modeling with the most up-to-date utility and rate plan data that auto-populates based on the lead’s address. It’s a great tool if the homeowner doesn't have their energy bill on hand; you can quickly move the sales process along using historical utility data. When the homeowner does grab an actual utility bill, it’s easy to update the project later with the actual usage data. 

Boost your solar design process with a consistent feed of exact present-day energy consumption insights and best-in-class forecasting APIs. 

Of course, things change over time. Your energy consumption today may not be representative of tomorrow. Get granular by showing potential electricity bill increases that a swimming pool or electric vehicle's charging can introduce. Now you know how many solar panels you need based on your future energy needs, not just today.

Homeowners often expect to see energy savings from their investment, but it's seeing the right insights and making a connection that will sell them on the concept of going solar. That's where we come in to help your solar business put its best foot forward. 

Our platform offers custom white-label proposals that integrate your brand identity into the proposal itself. EverBright’s Design Desk will work with you to create a solar proposal for sales that reinforces your unique capabilities. 

EverBright is the complete solar proposal tool that will help you convey savings and urgency for every solar home project.

Yes, even after the homeowner signs the contract, you can manage all aspects of the project without ever leaving the EverBright platform, and we're here to support you every step of the way.  

EverBright makes the solar installation process easy to manage, monitor, and execute. Stay ahead of the curve with automatic homeowner notifications, customizable workflows based on financial products, and extensive reporting tools. 

Track all post-sale project tasks, approvals, and other operations through to completion. Stay up to date on deal progress and boost visibility across your team and partners.

Supporting our partners is critical because we know how essential our platform is to your sales process, project management, financing, and more! 

The partner support team is ready, willing, and able to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. 

Simply call us at 877-465-2496 on Mondays through Fridays from 6 am - 8 pm (PST). Alternatively, you can email us at  or log in to EverBright and live chat with the support team. 
Supporting homeowners who are EverBright solar financing customers is just as important to us as supporting our installer and sales partners. Homeowners have a variety of ways to contact our dedicated Homeowner Support team.  

First, they can call us at 877-425-5201 and select option three. Alternatively, they can email support at or they can login to MyEverBright and live chat with the homeowner support team. 

Yes, EverBright has a dedicated homeowner portal known as MyEverBright. The MyEverBright web portal is where homeowners can manage their monthly payments, access their solar system and EverBright agreement details, or contact support. 

The MyEverBright web portal provides a centralized experience for homeowners where they can:   

  • View online billing and balance 
  • Enroll in AutoPay 
  • Make payments 
  • View EverBright and solar system agreement details 
  • Access chat and live phone support

We partner with a variety of solar professionals with varying experience selling solar. To help all our users sell better and close more solar projects, we developed the EverBright training portal to give our partners the tools they need to master the EverBright platform. 

Examples of materials available on the EverBright training portal include: 

  • Partner Knowledge Base
  • Milestone Deliverable Checklists
  • Product Spec Sheets
  • Sales User Guides
  • Operations User Guides
  • Training Videos
  • Approved Vendor Lists 

EverBright offers many benefits to its partners and allows them to quickly and easily design, quote, and close solar deals. 

The best part, it's easy to start the process! Simply fill out the short form on the website, and a sales representative will call you to walk you through the application. 

With a 30-minute demo, you can begin to understand the simplified solar experience we offer. 

Once your application is approved, our onboarding team will help you set up your account to meet your unique business needs. Your team will complete the initial training session and have access to any additional training they may need.

Whether you're a regional business selling solar home and battery storage projects or managing large national sales channels, EverBright is the one solution you need to start selling solar at the speed of light! As one of our partners, you will receive the following advantages: 

  • An unmatched level of renewables experience and expertise, which translates to mastery in small and large-scale projects spanning simple and detailed design tropes. 
  • Our customer service and support leave you feeling as if we always have your back. Tell us your concerns and let us handle the rest. 
  • Capitalize on one familiar platform to streamline the entire sales and post sales solar installation experience for your team. 
  • Our precision is complemented by flexibility and speed, allowing for faster quotations, payments, and approvals.

Though EverBright is relatively new, we are the only residential clean-energy solutions provider with Fortune 250 strength and stability. Launching in 2021 with various solar financing options, EverBright merged with Sighten, an innovative solar design and proposal software provider supporting the entire sales workflow from initial lead to installation. 

By combining EverBright financing with highly competitive rates and flexible terms with Sighten’s proprietary software, EverBright offers an all-in-one platform for solar installers and sales teams.  

Our mission is to be the driving force in the decarbonization of our planet by delivering accurate solar designs, affordable and flexible financing options, and the best service possible. Our highly trained support team is here to answer any question and resolve any issue quickly.

One of the questions homeowners tend to ask is whether switching to clean energy and installing solar panels is the right choice. The truth is that over 2.5 million people have installed solar panels in their homes. There are several reasons for this: 

  • Solar energy is a renewable energy 
  • It is very often more cost-effective in the long term 
  • Some solar panel systems may be eligible for a federal tax credit and other tax incentives 
  • Homeowners have a variety of financing options making solar installation it even more affordable. 

With so many benefits, it's no wonder more homeowners are switching to solar panels every day!  

New to solar financing? You can find more information about the options available and how to offer financing options in the section below. 

There are three ways homeowners can finance solar panel systems and battery storage. 

  1. Cash purchase: When homeowners purchase a solar energy system, they make long-term (i.e., 25-year) investment for electricity used in their home. The main issue with paying cash is that solar energy equipment typically has a high upfront cost. 
  1. Power purchase agreement (PPA) or leased: Homeowners can purchase the energy their solar panels produce through a power purchase agreement (PPA) or by leasing the panels. The financier owns, monitors, and maintains the system.  
  1. Retail Installment Contracts (RICs): A solar RIC is an extension of credit by a seller to a consumer for purchasing solar panels and other items related to the system. With a solar RIC, the consumer owns the system at the end of the term and can take advantage of various incentives, including the solar tax credit. 

Providing financing solutions requires many mundane tasks, such as running a credit check, pulling a title report, and providing approval documents. Moreover, there's drawing up contracts, creating proposals, providing quotes, and managing your general operations.  

By automating these tasks, you can free up time to focus on the things that matter, like growing your business. A software solution like EverBright can also reduce overall operational costs, allowing you to offer competitive quotes for your projects.

Choosing the right solar financing can be advantageous for several reasons. First, homeowners won't incur significant upfront costs but can pay for their solar panels in fixed monthly payments. 

With a solar RIC, homeowners can keep the tax credits, build equity, and save money with clean, reliable energy. Solar leases and PPAs are perfect if homeowners want to go solar, lock in a predictable energy cost, aren't concerned with tax credits, and enjoy their solar system being managed and maintained professionally.

Though dozens of solar software and financing providers claim to have the best solution for your business, here is how you know EverBright is the right choice: 

  • Our platform solution is easy to set up and use, so you'll be free to offer financing options in no time! 
  • We will design workflows that integrate seamlessly with your current system. 
  • You can get paid quickly, thanks to our efficient milestone process. 
  • EverBright software will take care of several business operations, all on one platform. 
  • You'll have a reliable partner to help you present professional documents. 
  • Our platform helps solar installers and sales teams quickly create accurate and compelling proposals and finance more projects, which makes solar financing more accessible to homeowners and promotes growth in the residential clean energy industry. 
  • Generate financing quotes and solar panel system designs quickly and easily. 
  • To present estimated savings, use accurate solar system output and solar panel production data. 
  • Easily incorporate the potential federal tax credit into the solar quote.

Absolutely! You can enjoy a host of features with EverBright. Thanks to our lead generation, metrics tracking, and document-generating capabilities, our software solution makes running a solar business easier. 

You can free up time to focus on building your business. Let our software application help you create proposals that will get more solar installation jobs and provide competitive financing rates.

If EverBright is going to be the only platform you need to run a successful solar business, you probably want to try it out for free. Please get in touch with our sales team, and an EverBright Pro will provide you with more information about free trials and demos.