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Tailored financing options that align with your lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking to purchase your new solar system or lease it--Our financing options are easy-to-understand and come with various benefits designed to help you upgrade, energize and simplify your home.


Flexible financing options

Compare our suite of financing options and apply for the one that’s right for you.


Apply and qualify quickly

Once you apply, we run a soft credit check to get you approved, which doesn’t affect your credit score.


No money down

Once you’re approved, there are no upfront costs. We also offer fixed or variable payment options.


Easy to understand answers to some commonly asked questions.

There are many great reasons to invest in solar energy and battery storage for your home. Still, the upfront costs associated with a solar installation can be out of reach for many homeowners.

The good news is that various solar financing options are available, designed to match your budget and lifestyle, and can quickly make solar energy available to your home. Whether you go with a solar lease, a power purchase agreement (PPA), a retail installment contract (RIC), or a solar loan, these financing options allow you to pay off the installation cost over a set period of time.

Solar panels and other clean energy upgrades like battery storage make for a much cleaner power source- with zero carbon emissions. Still, financial limitations make owning a solar system far from a reality for many homeowners.

Thankfully, this doesn't need to include you. We design our financing options with competitive rates and tailored plans to make solar panels and battery storage more accessible to homeowners nationwide.

EverBright offers several ways to finance your solar system and enjoy energy savings, fixed monthly payments, and a competitive interest rate.

The EverOwn retail installment contract (RIC) lets you upgrade to solar and battery storage by agreeing to make payments over time. With a RIC, you may be eligible for tax credits, build equity, and save money on your energy bill with reliable, clean energy.

EverBright also offers EverEasy solar leases and EverFixed and EverFlex PPAs. These financing options are perfect if you want to include production monitoring and free maintenance.

We've got you covered--any way you choose to finance your solar and battery storage system.

A house's solar readiness can depend on several things, including roof shading, the age and angle of your roof, and other considerations.

The solar proposal process we offer will take into account your unique situation, so you will know before even thinking about financing if solar panels and or battery storage is a good fit for your home.

Knowing how many solar panels to put on your roof is no cookie-cutter formula. Fortunately, EverBright’s software is one of the industry’s most accurate and advanced tools for solar system design.

Our EverBright Pro solar contractors have the technical skills to evaluate your home and property to develop a proposal with the optimal number of solar panels for your energy needs.


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