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A not-so-distant future that is clean and carbon-free.

Our mission is to be the driving force in the decarbonization of our planet by delivering accurate solar designs, affordable and flexible financing options, and the best service possible.

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Deeply rooted in the growth of clean energy in America.

Our story is driven by the shared vision of using technology and innovation combined with flexible, affordable financing to lead the decarbonization of America's homes.

Starting as the residential solar industry's leading design and proposal software, EverBright now also offers various financing options that allow customers to invest in a clean-energy future with no money down.

Bringing together finance and technology, EverBright provides customers with an all-in-one solution for powering their carbon-neutral homes. Founded by one of the largest capital investors in clean energy infrastructure, customers know that EverBright will be here to serve them for decades to come.



50 states. 1 vision.

A future that is clean and carbon-free.
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Feb 6, 2023

A beginner’s guide to solar incentives.

From local and state-specific to federal and beyond: this is your guide to all solar incentives, tax exemptions, and rebates.

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Feb 5, 2023

How much can solar panels increase my home value?

Solar energy is a wise investment for your home, from monthly energy cost savings to potentially increasing your home’s resale value by 4.1%.

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September 14, 2022

Want to finance your home solar system?

Going solar is still new for most of us and can be a bit intimidating. In this article, we want to help you get familiar with some solar financing options available.

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