Buy Down Payment FAQs | EverBright


Answers to the most commonly asked
questions about making a Buy Down Payment.

What is a buy down payment?

Your buy down payment is a pre-determined, separate payment from your regularly scheduled monthly payments. A buy down payment is typically a lump sum that you pay towards your outstanding EverBright-financed amount, however it can be made in multiple installments. The buy down payment(s) must be made on or prior to the 18th payment due date to prevent an increase in your monthly payments for the remainder of the term.         

Your Buy Down Payment amount can be found in schedule 1 of your financing agreement located within the MyEverBright portal.

Your contract provides the specific time when your financing amount will be re-amortized. For many consumers, the account will be re-amortized once after their 18th invoice due date.  

You can review your financing agreement at If you still have questions, please contact Homeowner Support at (833) 830-0475 or email us at 

For many customers making the full buy down payment amount shown in the EverBright financing agreement before the re-amortization, the future payments will remain the same as the current payment amount for the remainder of the term.   

If you choose to make a larger buydown payment amount than what is listed in your financing agreement, your future payments will be less than the amount scheduled. If you choose to make a smaller buy down payment amount, or not make any buy down payment, your future monthly payments will be higher than they would have been, had you made the full buy down payment.

Simply log in to to make your payment as you would a normal monthly payment. Buy down payments can also be made via check to the billing address listed on your invoice.  

Important note: Your buy down payment is a separate payment from your regular monthly payment. If you make your regular monthly EverBright payment by check, remember to also mail your scheduled payment along with your buy down payment to avoid your regular payment being late. Sign up for Auto Pay and enjoy the added convenience! 

You may make voluntary payments on your account in addition to your regularly scheduled payments at any time. To make a buy down payment that is included in the re-amortization mentioned above, a payment must be made before the buy down payment deadline. For most customers, that deadline is the due date for the 18th invoice, but please check your contract or contact us for more information. 

You may make voluntary payments on your account in addition to your regularly scheduled payments at any time. But only additional payments including the buy down payment made up until the deadline for your buy down payment under your contract (generally the 18th invoice’s due date) will be included in the re-amortization of your monthly payments. Additional payments made after the 18th invoice due date may reduce the total number of payments and/or reduce the total interest paid over the life of the financing term but will not cause the monthly payment amount due to change.