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You’ve been selected to participate in our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) program, which may help you generate even more value from your EverBright solar and battery storage system! Your Purchase Power Agreement grants EverBright the right to enroll, administer, and operate your home’s solar system in a VPP program.

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This program offers the potential for greater savings. To participate, please click the button below to securely share some basic account information from your utility. This authorization is needed by April 10, 2024, to participate in Option 1.

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If you do not wish to securely share the requested utility information, you may still be able to earn a credit on your EverBright bill without having to do anything. For those who don’t complete the steps in Option 1 by April 10, 2024, EverBright will automatically enroll you in Option 2, which may result in a lower bill credit than Option 1.


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What is a Virtual Power Plant?

A VPP is a network of distributed energy resources, like your solar battery, that work together to provide energy to the grid when it’s needed most. This larger, linked, network is proactively managed by robust software that orchestrates when each energy resource can help the grid operate - much like a power plant. Homeowners in the VPP program can be compensated if energy from their battery is used during these moments of need. In other words, when your unused stored solar energy is used in a VPP, you can save money while helping to make the power grid more efficient, resilient, and sustainable for your community.  

There are several reasons why energy stored in your home’s solar battery could be needed in a VPP activation. Generally, there could be a grid restraint, such as a heat wave or cold snap, that causes higher energy demand than normal. Or the program operator could request to use stored power in the VPP battery network when the price for electricity from other sources is high. The solar energy stored in the VPP battery network can be a more affordable way to supply energy to the grid.

Homeowners often expect to see energy savings from their investment, but it's seeing the right insights and making a connection that will sell them on the concept of going solar. That's where we come in to help your solar business put its best foot forward.

Our platform offers custom white-label proposals that integrate your brand identity into the proposal itself and reinforce your unique capabilities. EverBright is the complete solar proposal tool to help you convey savings and urgency for solar home projects.

Because VPP program activation is generally triggered by an unexpected energy need, it’s unknown how often your battery may be needed, or if it will be needed at all. A “VPP event,” as they’re called, can happen at any time of the day depending on the need and your program enrollment. Additionally, the battery won’t be used for more than two hours during any given event and participants should not experience interruptions in their electric service during that time.

Most participating homeowners won’t know if their battery has been activated until they see a one-time credit on their EverBright bill after the program ends. Although, if you’re someone who likes to actively check your battery’s performance and charging levels on your battery app, you may see a dip in battery levels during a VPP event. The battery will recharge as it normally would after the dispatch concludes.

Your VPP enrollment depends on a few factors, including whether you agree to share some select utility data as requested in the email you received from EverBright:

  • If you select Option 1 and authorize securely sharing some basic account data from your utility, you will be enrolled in the CAISO Capacity and Wholesale Energy Market Program administered by LeapFrog Power, Inc. This program offers the potential for greater savings over other options, in part, because of the data sharing requirement.
  • If you choose not to share your data, you’ll be automatically enrolled in Option 2. You’ll take part in the Demand Side Grid Support Program (DSGS) administered by the California Energy Commission. This gives you the opportunity to save money, but likely a lower amount.

We assessed several possible VPP programs and selected these two options for you because of program features, including how long a VPP event could potentially last (under two hours), the dispatch frequency (how often it could occur) and how profitable the programs are, among other features.

It’s expected that you could see a credit on your EverBright solar bill a few months after the limited program ends on October 31, 2024. EverBright will do all the paperwork and administration of the VPP program, working with your utility to evaluate how often your battery was used. If your battery was used as part of the VPP program, your solar account is in good standing with EverBright, you should see your credit on your EverBright bill early 2025.

It’s hard to estimate how much you could earn because it depends on several factors, including if the battery is used during the limited program, how long you participate, and what program you are enrolled in. As one of EverBright’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) customers, you will be eligible to receive a bill credit equaling up to 50% of the net revenue of any energy generated by your system and used in the VPP

As one of EverBright’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) customers, you will be automatically enrolled in a VPP program and be eligible to receive EverBright bill credits equaling up to 50% of the net revenue of any energy generated by your system and used in the VPP. There are two options to consider. Option 1 offers the potential for greater savings in the form of a one-time credit on a future EverBright bill. It requires you to securely share some basic account information from your utility, through a third-party platform, LeapConnect. If you don’t want to share the requested utility information, or if you miss the window to share the data, you’ll automatically be enrolled in Option 2. This option offers the opportunity to earn money without having to do anything. Your overall potential bill credit will be lower than the option requiring some data sharing.

Some VPP program operators require more information than others to confirm that you can take part in the program. This generally includes information like your name, address, and a unique identifier from your utility, known as a Service Agreement Identification or SAID. This is typically a 10-digit number found on your print or electronic utility bill. When you follow the steps to share your data, it will show you how to find the information needed.

At EverBright, data privacy and security are extremely important to us. EverBright has specifically partnered with LeapConnect to manage the data sharing requirements for select VPP programs because of our shared commitment to keeping data safe and its stringent data and privacy protocols. LeapConnect is one of the few organizations that follow DataGuard standards for ensuring your data is protected and treated responsibly. DataGuard is the Energy Data Privacy Program of the U.S. Department of Energy.

This limited program runs from May 1 to October 31, 2024. After it concludes, the battery will no longer take part in any VPP events. EverBright will notify you if there are additional programs that your system may be eligible to participate in at a later date.

If you didn’t find the answers you were looking for in these FAQs, EverBright is always here to help. Please reach out to or (833) 830-0475.


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