Why you need batteries

Become More Energy Resilient with Solar Batteries 

Be prepared for power outages with solar + storage backup. Including a battery for backup power with your solar system empowers you to:

  • Reduce your reliance on the grid
  • Be in control of your energy use
  • Shrink your carbon footprint
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Why You Need Batteries

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Peace of Mind

An increase in extreme weather events over the last few years has caused a record number of power outages and $195 billion in property damage. According to a Texas Monthly article, utilities issue repeated requests to conserve energy so the grid can avoid worst-case scenarios like the 2021 energy crisis caused by winter storm Uri. Solar energy with a battery helps ensure your home remains comfortable and secure during these challenging events.


Self-Reliance and Control

Solar panels collect energy from the sun during the day, but most of our energy needs are in the morning and evening. Without a battery to store the excess energy produced during the day, this excess energy gets sent back to the grid. With a battery, you have the ability to:

  • Use the excess energy produced during the day to provide power at night instead of drawing all of your evening’s energy needs from the grid.

  • Choose what you'd like to keep powered on when there’s a grid outage*

  • Participate in grid service programs like virtual power plants (VPPs) that supply excess energy to the grid for bill credits

*Power available from the battery varies depending on the loads connected, energy consumption, and battery configuration. You should never rely on your solar system – even if it includes a battery – to power life support or other medical devices.


Reduced Carbon Footprint

Solar + storage helps you maximize your system’s capabilities while decreasing your dependence on the grid, which often relies on non-renewable energy sources like coal or natural gas. By powering your home with clean, renewable solar energy plus battery storage, you're helping to reduce your home's overall carbon footprint.  

For more on the benefits of solar batteries, visit our blog.


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What to ask your installer

Will my solar panels power my home during an outage?

Solar panels are a great way for you to generate and use your own clean energy.  However, solar panels alone cannot provide you with the backup power you need during an outage. Adding a battery to store the excess energy your solar system generates throughout the day gives you the ability to: 1) use it in the evening when your panels are not capturing power from the sun; or 2) use it during a grid outage. 

Batteries come in many sizes and capacities, and every home's usage varies. Talk to your installer about your energy needs and be sure to let them know what essential systems and appliances you want to back-up in the event of an outage.*

*Power available from the battery varies depending on the loads connected, energy consumption, and battery configuration. You should never rely on your solar system – even if it includes a battery – to power life support or other medical devices.

There are several battery configuration options to choose from. Your installer can help you determine the type and number of batteries that will be required to support you and your home's particular energy needs. 

Having a battery also provides you with the ability to participate in various grid service programs, like virtual power plants (VPPs), to potentially increase your utility bill credits. A VPP program connects energy resources, like your battery, from multiple homes to deliver power to the grid when it's needed most. 

Typically, it will cost you more to come back later to add a battery to your system. Not only do battery installations require a dedicated electrical panel for the circuits you are looking to back-up, permits and installation costs can be kept to a minimum if the work is done simultaneously. Additionally, EverBright does not currently offer battery-only financing after your system is fully operational.



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