EverBright and Sighten News Post

EverBright and Sighten

A Powerful Step Forward

Date: February 21, 2022

Sighten merges with EverBright, creating an all-in-one solar design and financing platform.

Sighten has provided an innovative solar design and proposal software, which supports the entire sales workflow from initial lead to installation, for over a decade. EverBright is a new solar financing solutions company founded in 2021 by a Fortune 200 company. EverBright offers highly competitive rates and flexible terms for customer-owned and third-party-owned options in over 15 states with plans to go nationwide. Today, the two companies announced the merger of Sighten, Inc. into EverBright, LLC.

By combining EverBright’s full suite of flexible financial products with Sighten’s proprietary software, the merged company is positioned to provide a unique all-in-one, easy-to-use platform.

“We are excited about the marriage of our best-in-class solar and storage financing options and our industry-leading solar software platform as we continue to drive the decarbonization of the energy industry,” stated Mariya Nomanbhoy, former Chief Operating Officer of Sighten and now EverBright. “Our all-in-one approach makes it simpler and faster for installers to present system designs, quotes, and financing offers to their customers, which accelerates rooftop solar and home efficiency adoption,” she added.

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