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  • System operations and monitoring

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  • Important agreement documentation

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What is a PPA?
Stress-free solar & flexible payments
  • A PPA, or Power Purchase Agreement, is a way for a homeowner to go solar without purchasing the solar panels and system themselves.   
  • Instead, there is no cost to the homeowner to install the system, and the homeowner enters an agreement to pay a set price per kilowatt hour (kWh).  
  • The ownership of the solar system remains with EverBright, who is responsible for maintaining and repairing the system for the length of the agreement. 
Billing & payments
Pay your bill & contact support
  • Your first payment will be due at least 30 calendar days after your system is in service.    
  • You will receive a separate letter and email with specific billing and payment method details.  
  • A payment method was selected while completing your agreement. However, this payment method can be updated at any time after receiving your first bill.  
  • If you have billing questions, call us at 877-425-5201, option 1, Monday to Friday, 5 a.m. – 5 p.m. PT. 
Monitoring & maintenance 
Real-time system performance
  • Who is Omnidian? EverBright has partnered with Omnidian to provide professional system monitoring and maintenance services.  
  • You can access the Omnidian Monitoring Portal at myeverbright.com and select System Production to view your solar system’s performance.   
  • If you need system support, contact Omnidian at 877-425-5201, option 2, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. PT.

Essential things to know about your EverBright agreement   

The length of your contract

The term length of your PPA agreement is 25 years.

Your price per kilowatt hour

The price you'll pay per kilowatt hour will depend upon several factors. Review your contract for your rate.

Estimated savings

Any projections regarding savings and future electricity prices are estimates.

Your new electricity bill

You may still have utility charges and need additional electricity from the utility to meet your energy needs.

Be aware of hazards

For example, if you live within 300 yards of a golf course, you'll be responsible for repairs or damages caused by golf balls. Review the full list of obligations on your contract.

Selling before end of term

You can transfer the contract and pay a transfer fee or purchase the system or prepay the remaining payments if the new homeowner does not meet the credit requirements.


Billing Questions

For questions about your solar system financing or monthly bill, please call 877-425-5201 and select option 1.

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System Questions

For issues with your system, contact the EverBright System Maintenance Team powered by Omnidian or call 877-425-5201 and select option 2.

Email System Support

Contact Homeowner Support seven days a week 

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